Reading Enhancement for Advancing Development

Where We Work


The first phase of READ, from October 2013 through January 2016, will reach a total of 660 new government primary school (GPS) in 21 districts.  Pre-service and in-service teacher training on reading instructional strategies and reading assessment will take place in support of the government curriculum. Availability of supplementary reading materials will be expanded and training for head teachers, Assistant Upazila Education Officers and School Management Committees will take place. The second phase, running from January 2015-September 2017, will implement READ in 2561 GPS, 45 of which are located in hill tract areas. The second phase will also extend the use of ICT in 1800 multimedia classrooms and introduce community-based reading activities in a sample of sites.

READ’s Reach

Ultimately, READ will reach an estimated 1,310,747 direct beneficiaries in 3,221 schools. Indirectly READ will also reach 2,650,474 beneficiaries, coming to an amount of 3,963,339 beneficiaries in total. Indirect beneficiaries include grade 4 and 5 students in target schools, people reached through public awareness activities on reading, and teachers as well as students from non-READ schools who will benefit from resources on the READ website. 


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